3 Historical Facts You Didn't Know About Harlem


Considered the birthplace of jazz and a hot spot for art and poetry, Harlem is a city resplendent with culture and fascinating history.

Harlem, New York is a trendy hotspot known for its rich culture, soul food eateries, and deeply-rooted African-American heritage. For those considering immersing themselves in Harlem real estate, you may want to learn more about the historical epicenter of art and music. The following assortment of facts should quench your thirst for knowledge of this diverse city. 

The Name

Not many people realize that the name Harlem originates from the Dutch name Haarlem. Before evolving into the epicenter of African-American culture and art that Harlem, New York is known as today, it was originally a Dutch village founded in 1658. It was named after the Netherlands city, Haarlem. 


One of the most stunning and picturesque attributes of Harlem is its glorious architecture. The city has mostly retained its historical flair while modernizing some aspects. From well-kempt brownstones to aristocratic buildings, something charming can be found on every corner. Many buildings have large stoops in the front, which is a trademark characteristic of New York housing. Most homes are built from brick, creating a fluid thematic scheme among the rows of houses. A great many areas in Harlem retain their late 1800s glory and have infused their architecture with Italianate features. 

Apollo Theater

The Apollo Theater was founded in 1913, although it was initially known as Hurtig & Seamon's New Burlesque Theater. It quickly became a prominent venue for African-American popular music and the iconic Showtime at Apollo, a nationally syndicated television show that ran for more than 1,000 episodes. It was constructed by architect George Keister in neo-Classical style and is renowned as a social emblem and iconic structure of Harlem culture. in the 1930s, the theater began hosting Amateur Night, which saw notable performances from icons like Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Sam Cooke, and more. The theater underwent an extensive restoration in the early 2000s and has remained an NYC landmark for decades.
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