3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Harlem Home This Winter


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Harlem is one of New York’s biggest up-and-coming neighborhoods. A hub of cultural significance, it is home to the Harlem Renaissance and the world-famous Apollo Theater. It has an incredible nightlife and fabulous restaurants like Red Rooster, Harlem Shake, the Honey Wall and Clay, and let’s not forget about the Globetrotters.  
With all it has to offer, buying a home in Harlem seems like a no-brainer—but, as with any undertaking, a little bit of preparation and knowledge goes a long way. There’s no bad time to buy a home, but each season is a little different from the rest. Here are three things to consider before buying a Harlem home this winter.


This is the most obvious one—housing costs can fluctuate depending on where you buy, but as a whole, New York City prices are dropping. According to the home-buying site Zillow, prices have dropped 3.7 percent since 2018, and with a flood of new apartments, prices are expected to continue to decline.  

What Kind of House Do You Want to Buy?

Harlem has a multitude of home styles, and figuring out which one suits you best will make the buying process much easier. Are you looking for a condo or a co-op? Maybe a loft or townhouse, or even a fully-detached home? Each has its benefits—a loft might be better for a younger buyer, while a townhome may be more suitable for someone with or looking to start a family.

Winter Rewards Smart Buyers

Historically, there are fewer homes on the market in the winter months than during the spring or summer. Many people in the real estate world will tell you that’s a bad thing—that winter is the worst season to buy a home—but that’s not totally true. According to Trulia, the number of starter homes on the market actually increases by seven percent in the last few months of the year, meaning that if you play it smart, you could find the home of your dreams this winter. 

Every season is a great season to buy in Harlem. If you are thinking of moving here, or if you are interested in learning more about the culture and feel of Harlem, visit our website. Before you make the move, contact us. It would be our pleasure to serve as your Harlem real estate agents and guide you through the process, helping you find a Harlem home for sale that’s perfect for you.


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