5 Tips for Showing Your Harlem Home in the Winter


Winter doesn't necessarily mean a cold real estate market, especially in New York. Here's how to prep your home for off-season buyers

Although technically the slow season for real estate markets across the country, homes are still bought and sold aplenty during the winter. Moreover, those shopping for real estate at this time of year are almost always serious buyers, as few people brave the elements to browse. 

It's also a time where you might face a less competitive market and can move into your home more quickly. Believe it or not, the offseason might be the perfect season to prep your home to sell. 

But how do you seize the attention of those off-season buyers? In addition to the basics of home selling prep and staging, here are five tips for showing your Harlem home in the winter.

Safety First

It's hard to make a good first impression if a potential buyer is buried face-first in a pile of snow. Before inclement weather strikes, stock up on ice melt or rock salt, and make sure to clear a path to your front door as often as possible after it snows. 

Make a Good Impression with Small, Helpful Touches

Keep an umbrella stand handy by the front door, and lay down a rubber mat for cold, wet shoes. Also, if you have a foyer closet, clear it out and leave it open for buyers and agents to hang their coats and scarves. Finally, set your home's heat at a comfortable temperature. When it's 30 degrees outside, it shouldn't feel that way inside, too.

Give it Some Holiday Flair

Winter might mean a less active real estate market, but its primetime for the holiday industry. Don't shy away from staging and subtly decorating your home to reflect the current celebration. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, it never hurts to lay out some holiday cookies and bottles of water for your would-be buyers. Even small boxes of candy around Valentine's Day reflects the detailed touch of a good caretaker—something noticed by discerning house shoppers.

One word of caution: don't overdo it. Certain scents of the season may not be to everyone's liking and could trigger allergies. You don't want your home to appear as a winter wonderland, either. What you do want to show is the house as a fantastic place for buyers to make their own holiday memories.

Curb Appeal Still Matters in Winter

Depending on your Harlem home, curb appeal may not be a factor. However, if it is a crucial aspect of the house you hope to sell, bare trees and dead grass from colder temperatures are not a pass to avoid landscaping. Keep your yard raked and clean, and make sure any outdoor spaces such as patios and balconies are free of any trash or debris. Also, don't let the snow pile up, as dirty drifts can make even the nicest of homes look grimy.

Illuminate Those Short Winter Days

Of course, in winter, natural light is at a premium, especially for late afternoon showings. Clean all of your windows to let in as much natural light as possible for when the sun is out. Strategically lighting your home inside overcomes dreary days and provides a welcoming atmosphere for early evening showings.

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