5 Ways to Enjoy Art in Harlem


Harlem is the home to a flourishing art scene with impressive galleries and museums. 

Taking place in the 1920 and ‘30s, the Harlem Renaissance was a historical movement characterized by an intellectual, social, and artistic explosion for the Black community. Today, Harlem is still known for its art, creativity, and music. Here are a few ways for you to enjoy art in this culturally significant neighborhood.

1. The Studio Museum

Established in 1968, The Studio Museum is primarily devoted to the work of artists of African descent. Since its early days in a rented loft, this museum has evolved into a flourishing and well-loved museum. Here, you can spend the day enjoying temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent collection. Those interested can also experience artists-in-residence programs and learn through educational and public programming

2. National Jazz Museum in Harlem

Harlem is known for its integral role in the development of jazz museums. From this humble community originated legendary figures such as Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong. Those interested in learning more about the fascinating history of jazz can head on over to the National Jazz Museum in Harlem. The museum is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of this timeless genre. 

3. Aloft Harlem Art Gallery

Aloft Harlem Art Gallery, which is located in the main lobby of the Aloft Harlem Hotel, has a unique mission. This chic and trendy gallery is focused on promoting the talent of local emerging artists and was designed with the intention to promote upcoming creators, particularly from Columbia University, and make art more accessible for the entire community. 

4. Harlem Arts Alliance

If you want to become more engaged in Harlem’s lively art scene, consider becoming a member of the Harlem Arts Alliance! The Harlem Arts Alliance is a network-based arts service organization that brings together a diverse range of community members. Originally founded in 2001, the Harlem Arts Alliance brings together individuals who love and appreciate art. It has a membership of over 400 individual arts members and collaborators. 

5. Harlem Fine Arts Festival 

Occurring each February, the Harlem Fine Arts Festival is an experience you don’t want to miss. Taking place at The Historic Riverside Church, this yearly festival features powerful pieces from artists of the African diaspora, both nationally and internationally. 
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